Test your eco knowledge, take eco action and have fun with our interactive app - while saving the planet!
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  • "Everyday choices we make, such as how often and how far we drive our cars, buying our food or turning up our thermostat one degree more when it's cold, when combined have a big impact on the environment on a global scale." (WWF, 2013)

    Ecoed is a fun, interactive, online app that will help children and adults learn and transform their daily habits towards a more environmentally sustainable life
  • With the aim of reaching the highest level of lighter life on Earth in 4 areas - Water, Energy, Waste, Health & Well-being - the app quizzes the player via one-on-one or group game rounds, on questions that test and raise awareness on sustainable behaviours, whilst giving practical actions that can be taken to live more sustainably. It also rewards people for promoting their sustainable actions online and for co-creating the game by adding new questions and sustainable actions.
  • OUR AMBITION: to revolutionise the field of environmental awareness and education

    Ecoed will be the first app to combine education, gamification and interaction for all ages, revolutionising the field of environmental awareness and education by empowering people of all generations to act upon the very simple yet powerful decisions we can make within our daily lives to create a more sustainable society, and doing so in a fun, accessible way.
how to play
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Sign in using your Facebook or email account, and choose between playing against a friend, a random player, challenging a group of friends or joining a random players challenge.
Roll the dice to answer eco trivia questions and earn the characters, one by one. The player who collects the 4 characters first, wins!
Make extra points for your bonuses and weekly ranking by taking actions that each character will offer you during the game. Remember to publish a picture of yourself in the Action Feed taking the selected action to win the points!
Submit additional questions and actions to earn more points and become famous within the Ecoed community! The more points you get, the more bonuses you can buy and get extra chances of winning the trivia games. And don’t forget to have fun!
Get involved with EcoedSupport us on Indiegogo
(slide over with the mouse to learn more about the characters)
Hello, I’m Wavi, with a “W” as in ”Water”. I’m a bit round at the bottom but very agile – I bet you I can sneak through every hole and crack! I’ll make you earn points if you know how to take good care of me, ‘cause I’m THAT important! Oh, well, well, hello there! I am Reci, your waste mate. I love making friends that are creative enough to reuse, reduce and recycle, so if you’re one of them, I’m sure we’ll make a good team! Hiya! I’m a wind turbine and Energy is my thing – but I like it clean! I’ve got long, cool blades and I’m the tallest of the gang (in case you hadn’t noticed!). I’ll help you win some points if you help me work less hard to produce all the energy that is needed! Hey, hey, welcome! I’m the strongest of the team – clearly! My ‘thing’ is health and wellbeing of all – human and non human - so I’ll keep pumping as long as you keep exercising! And watching what you eat, and… yes, I am high-maintenance but I’m worth it!